Monday, 8 July 2013



wishes by tangled-spines featuring flat shoes

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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Review: Nars Luster Blush

Blush is one of my most favourite types of make-up, and over the past six months my collection has been steadily growing! Of course I had to get my hands on a Nars blush as they have some of the most raved about blushes in the beauty commmunity, and so for my birthday I treated myself to Nars' Luster. I ordered mine off the Asos website as it is free shipping and returns if you were wondering.

I decided to get Luster instead of any of the other cult classics like Orgasm or Deep Throat because I wanted a perfect every day blush that wasn't super glittery and I'm happy to say it is! Luster is a beautiful sheer apricot colour with a slight golden sheen or shimmer running through it. Nars blushes are meant to be super pigmented, but I find that this blush isn't crazily so which in a way is good. I can dabble my brush into the product and sweep it on in the morning without worrying about applying too much or blending. Also the colour is just PERFECT. It translates to a neutral peachy blush on the cheeks, so it adds a lovely warmth and a pretty sheen so you could go without any highlight. In the morning rush you could also go without bronzer too, because Luster is such a neutral, warm toned colour you can sweep it up towards your temples and it really adds life to your face.

I also think this is a great colour for all skin tones. I'm pretty fair, but not the fairest but as it isn't a super strong colour I think it can work for super light to medium skin tones!

The staying power of the product is really good too! I don't notice it rubbing off during the day so I only really apply it once in the morning. Also I have a feeling it's going to last me ages as I've had it for nearly two months and it looks pretty much new. The packaging is a plus too as the mirror is a nice size if you don't have anything else and the rubbery outside feels really expensive, however you can see from the photos it can turn a bit grimey! I'd definitely pay those few pounds extra compared with a Mac blush though as it has that mirror and I never feel like it's going to break.

Overall, I highly rate this blush and I recommend it to all of you. It's definitely going to be a make-up staple for months to come!

Hope you found this helpful and thanks for reading!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Pastels/Vampy - Things I Want #1

Here's to my first ever Things I Want!
These past few days I've really been lusting after two opposite sides of the spectrum, pretty pastels, and then black leather and lace.

1. Topshop Knitted Rainbow Yarn Jumper 2. Topshop Fur Collar Quilted Biker Jacket 3. Topshop Lace Insert Maxi Skirt  4. Topshop Aristotle Chunky Tassle Boots 5. Essie's Pinking Up the Pieces

As you can see pretty much everything here is from Topshop. I think they have really excelled themselves in incorporating Winter and Spring in one collection, and helping people through the transitional period which I find is always tricky. Anyway I adore this chunky, colourful yet subtle knit jumper, as I think it will look great with just jeans and boots, bringing a pop of colour into my dreary winter outfits. Also this leather jacket comes with a faux fur collar, which is basically a two in one of two things I really, really want! Lastly, the star of the show are these boots. At nearly a hundred pounds they aren't cheap, but they really are a pair of beauts. They're pretty much a mixture of all my favourite styles of shoes; the chunky heel, brogue detailing, big brass clips, cut-outs in the ankle, and even a cheeky tassle. I don't think shoes can get any better.

Thanks for reading lovelies!